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Hello dead community!
Vitas - and ME.
zestylime wrote in vitas_ru
Anyone still here besides vitasfan and insanitys_soul? if you are then i have presents for you
So I have been making a...well a lot of gifs. of Vitas.

And they're all on tinypic here

So feel free to use & abuse, if you like them. I don't care if you use them to make icons or just spam them on communities or forums. Don't need or want credit. And check back, bc i'm always making more

Also who is excited about Vitas' new MV of "La Donna e Mobile" coming out September 1st?????

i sure am!

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haha yeah i'm pretty active on ontd_p. Been posting these around, and have gotten a few people at least interested in him!

:D and steal away!

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