Vitas - and ME.
Hey guys, I'm in the process of creating a Vitas mood theme. Check it out here.

anyways it's not done, anyone is welcome to use it if you want (just make sure you don't hotlink the pictures, i don't care about credit or w/e)

but i'm in search for pictures of Vitas for the following moods:

anything sad/depressed/lonely/melancholy, etc.





i'd really appreciate any help on this!! thanks!

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Hello, I'm new here.
Discovered Vitas a couple of weeks back and am now utterly addicted to his singing.
Anyone knows when he'll perform somewhere near Singapore? (Or in Singapore, if that's possible?)

hi guys!
Vitas - and ME.

hey guys, i'm new. I just recently discovered vitas and i'm not ashamed to admit i'm addicted :P

I just recently got his dvd of "Return Home"  in St. Petersburg and one part in particular made me even crazier about him
I uploaded it onto youtube: 


(also, i'm in the usa, can we get a vitas up in here plz)

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亲爱的,我们中国球迷!Maxiwave: I have told a lie about Vitas.
亲爱的,我们中国球迷!对你们来说,有有一些有趣!I have told a lie about Vitas.
Dear Our Chinese Fans! For you, there there is something interesting!(заявление)

Это относительно вот этого(这):

Кстати хочу подарить вам песню.Она у вас наверняка может стать популярной,а если ещё её перевёдёте на китайский и будете петь в караоке это вообще будет мега-мега бомба.
Называется она: "Водолаз("Voodoolaz")

由途径,我想现在你一首歌。它在你的某些能够成为流行的话,仍然将它翻译为中文,并会唱歌,在卡拉,它在普通会有超级巨型炸弹!它是指: "潜水员( "voodoolaz" )

By the way I wish to present you a song. It at you for certain can become popular and if still it will translate on Chinese and will sing in a karaoke it in general there will be mega-mega a bomb! It Refers to: " the Diver ("Voodoolaz")

the link:

Yours Maxiwave (最大波)

Vote for Vitas for album of the year!
Vote for Vitas for album of the year!
He won last year! Let's help him win again! Go to Scroll down to the columns at the bottom of the page. The middle column (third from left)is for Best Pop Album of 2007. You will see Лучший ПОП-альбом 2007 года: just below the blue banner with Опрос. Vitas is 18 from the bottom and appears as Витас - Криком Журавлиным (Vitas-Crane's Cry). Choose it and then hit the TOP blue bottom at the bottom. Be careful not to hit it before selecting. It probably will not let you select again.

New Official English Vitas Site
New Vitas site. This is an Official English site presented by Gemini Sun Records and their partner Yovia. Please support their efforts to promote Vitas in America by visiting the site, sharing your comments about vitas and spreading the word!

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ajlis photographer
Last week Vitas was in Volgograd.
text + video

Gemini Sun Records Promotion
Please copy everywhere!! Thanks, Diane


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