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Vitas - and ME.
zestylime wrote in vitas_ru
......Vitas is releasing a cd online! "Light of a New Day" is going to be available for FREE DOWNLOAD on the official site,, starting October 20th!

read more about it here!

also, i just got a copy of xx-century hits! :D it's pretty excellent, my favorite track so far is Potemkin Staircase.

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Re: Hello Too-Wake up in here!

No!? Wow I am incredibly jealous now.

Re: Hello Too-Wake up in here!

I got better picks at the concert. They are in the archives at vitausa flickr pages. But here is a humorous look at trying to get a picture (not near him, just a picture!) in the hotel lobby:
We stayed at same hotel. If we had taken a plane back one hour earlier, we would have been on same plane back to Beijing. Darn! That would have been cool.
And DO be jealous. Was in the front row and got to give him flowers!! Stay in touch. He should be in the USA in the near future. A bunch of us will be meeting at the concert when that happens. It will be a blast! I had the greatest time with the Chinese girls. They were all so very nice. And so energized at the concert, between the audience and Vitas, I was all wound up and screamed like a silly girl! But it was sooooo fun!!

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