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Pretty Vitas
insanitys_soul wrote in vitas_ru
Hi everyone! I'm a bit of a newbie, been stalking around the place for a while but finally decided to post and say hello to everyone! (Being shy and afraid of rapid Vitas fansO.o is a pain).

I come bearing gifts as well! Recently I learned how to make animated gifs so I thought I'd share ^_^ Although I warn you they're not dial-up friendly at all.

^ That was my first attempt at Giffing so it's a little..Um...Bleh.

Yeah, I admit to having a love affair with the Lucia Di Lammermoor video ^_^' Although I'd LOVE to make some gifs from the Crazy Day movie...If I could ever find a movie file for it...><'

Hope you guys enjoy!and please don't eat me? :D


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JESUS, he is so pretty

nice job on the .gifs!

i made an icon out of one, and credited you for the original. hope you don't mind :D

You JUST figured this out? :-P Honestly, I think he's the prettiest person I've ever seen! He beats even Gackt! And his lips are better too...

^_^ Thank you :D

OH MY GOD NO I DON'T MIND! !!^_^!! That's the best compliment I could have ever gotten, someone to make something out of a gif I made. And you did such a wonderful job! That is one of THE BEST faces he makes in the entire video.
(How did you get it to go faster though? Yes, I'm an idiot, but I can't figure out how to make these danged things go faster @_@)

I use Ulead Gif animator idk i use it for icons mostly, as .gifs are so hard for me to make (mostly bc i have no patience)

basically i just set the frame speed to .01 seconds per frame instead of .05 or whatever its default is.

anyways yay thanks!

Ahh! I use Adobe Image Ready and even when I set the frame delay at 0 it's still slow as heck. I'll have to check out this Ulead you speak of :D

Oh, by the way, I'm working on an icon now I'm thinking about dedicating to you. Two words, and the last one has the word "dip" in it. Lets just say that inspired me :-P

oh i've used adobe image ready before. I think you have to set it all to "no delay" or something special like that.

and omg if you're talking about skinny dipping........



I have it all set on that and it's still slow. *WHAPS! it* It hates me.


*THUD! THUD! THUDDYDHUDTHUD! AND THUD AGAIN! There is now a Lisa shaped hole thudded into the floor*
Is there a doctor in the house?

OMG...his shoulder...gyagyagyagyaaaaaa....YAH♪☆0(^^0)*^^*(0^^)0☆♪YAH

oh also: the one .gif that i made of vitas


....WHY can I NOT stop watching it!?
And why does it also seem so pervy?
That's Seventh Element isn't it?

nope, it's Soul

the end bit after the rockin guitar solo.

and umm i made it bc it's dirty. ohhhhh to be that microphone :P


спасибо большой,большой спасибо!!

also: a dirty slideshow that i made from screencaps of his MV for "Shores of Russia"¤t=5ae92993.pbw

Edited at 2008-07-10 11:01 pm (UTC)

AH! I Love Soul even more then Seventh Element. *Shakes head* Normally I can tell the two without sound by the way his tongue moved. Gah. I'm loosing my touch! *Needs life if she's watching his TONGUE too much*

I've never wanted to be a microphone before. Cherries? Yes. Micstand? Yes. Mic? NOT UNTIL NOW! *Slaps her forehead* I feel so perverted. I'm sorry Vitas, I know you're not really an innocent boy!

I'm so happy you like it!!
HEHE! I know! When I first saw that I had images in my head of him actually saying "Oohh, what's that?". And then the Skinny Dipping thing came up and it all clicked. "Skinny dipping? HELL YEAH! I'll bring my accordion!".

*Can't actually read Russian >.<'*

*giggles* I'll let a line from Young Frankenstein say it all for me: Vould you like a roll in ze hay?

It was quiet in here so long, I stopped checking in frequently. Sorry! Glad to see some fairly recent activity. Great GIFS! And soon Vitas singing at Olympics! What a great happening. I am so excited about it.

Omg these are amazing. Thank you!

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