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Vitas in Beijing!
Vitas - and ME.
zestylime wrote in vitas_ru
From the fan club site:

Vitas to Sing at Beijing Olympics!

Amazing news for Vitas fans everywhere! Vitas will perform Opera 2 at the opening ceremony for the aquatic sports at this year’s Beijing Olympics! He will be performing in Qingdao.

The date for the ceremony is August 9th, 2008.

If details about the performance emerge we will post them here as we happily count down the days to this awesome opportunity for Vitas.



(also, idk if everyone knows this, but he's recording a new album this summer according to the official site!!!!!!!) 

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*Newbie. Heh*

AAAIIIE! NOW I want to watch the Olympics! It's about time he started getting more national credit :D I wonder if finally the doors to the American market will be kicked down after this?

Opera 2? That is so fitting. The only thing that would be MORE fitting is if he decided to preform the last part skinny dipping...

He's hugely popular in China, probably the reason he was chosen.


I'm relatively a newbie too, I only got into vitas a couple months ago, but I have his cd that was released in the states, as well as three DVD's from china.........he's addictive :D

I'm thinking the Chinese have a better taste in music, hmm? They'r elucky though, he does tour over there. I just hope they air his performance on TV! That would be so awesome. ^_^

((Oh and like you didn't already have them after watching the video for Opera 2! Although NOW I have the skinny dipping image with him making THAT FACE! *Points at your icon*))

HEE! Yes, he is. My poor YouTube account has been taken over by him, and I've already ordered three CDs. *Amazon junkie*. I've been a fan for about....Um....A month now? *Hides*

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